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About our company

Our Company business was started in 2005 by a small group of young and enthusiastic people who had become interested in trading activities in the agricultural area. Today we are an independent agro-industrial company with its representation offices in many cities of Ukraine and abroad. In all areas of our business we engage already more than 300 qualified employees. All the employees, working in our company, are creative and energetic high-level professionals with broad experience, constantly seeking self-improvement and looking for progressive way of our business development.


Our core activity is production and export of cereal and oil-bearing crops, including soya, corn, wheat (both food and fodder), barley, sunflower seeds and their derived products: sunflower oil, rapeseed oil and suncake. All our products are certified and environmentally friendly.

This year we opened a representative office in Poland: SOLIS TRADE Sp. z o. o.  and in USA: ADELHEID TRADING INTERNATIONAL LLC


One of the main activities of our company is also Warehousing/Terminal operations business, which today constitutes operational management of ground-level storage facilities. At present, we are in the process of construction of a grain terminal with storage capacity of 138 thousand tons of grain cargoes.


Relying on our skills and knowledge, we have developed mutually beneficial relations with partners from near and far-abroad countries. Now our sales geography is quite extensive and it covers such regions as South and West Europe, North Africa, West Asia, India and others.


We are the Company that provides full cycle of processing agricultural products during delivery/sale to the end consumer, both in Ukraine and abroad. Namely:


- growing crops;

- overland logistics to places of goods storage (railway and motor transport);

- management of warehousing complexes for accumulation of large wholesale batches;

- stevedore operations for exporting goods by sea.


Each step in our work is controlled by specialists of a very high level, having vast practical experience.


Solis Agrotrade is a young, fast-developing international company. Right now, we hold rather  strong position in the agrarian market of Ukraine. And with every passing day we seek to strengthen our position still more and expand our activity geography by increasing quality of provided services and competitiveness. We seek to provide our customers with mutually beneficial terms of transactions, timely delivery and flexible system of discounts. Our objective is not here-and-now profit but building of long-term mutually beneficial relations with customers as based on trust and mutual respect. In the person of our company you will have a reliable partner for mutually beneficial cooperation.

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