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Drones in the service of farmers
30 November 2017

Agrarians are becoming increasingly interested in innovations in the drones market and the solutions they offer. This is reported by  with reference to Aggeek

According to Mikhail Gorlovsky, one of the founders of the company Agrodrone (offering high-tech drones and BPLs for the needs of industry and agriculture), working with farmers is quite specific and all farms are different. Some focus on innovation, others do not. Novelties are usually of interest to agricultural holdings. They want to create orthophotomaps of their fields with the help of technologies. Farmers also know about technologies, but they do not hurry to implement them. 

Agroholdings for a long time received superprofits, while realizing that this will sometime end. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce innovations that will be able to optimize costs, increase yields in certain areas. 

The greatest number of requests in Agrodrone is due to orthophotography and the introduction of Trichogram. The choice of the approach to the task depends on the technical task. First, we need maps of the fields in order to understand their size, remoteness of the plots. Then the technique is chosen. If it is a lot of small fields, then it is worthwhile to apply the Copter. If large fields - most often airplanes. 

There are other ways to use drones. For example, Agrodrone has a client-agribusiness - which bought a drone with the ability to shoot NDVI. They make a map and know already how and where to take soil samples, because they can not be collected from the whole field, as it is labor-intensive and expensive. 

At the same time, Mikhail Gorlovsky warns that in the agricultural sector there are no ready-made solutions - even if everything turns out well, then all the information should be properly put together. And for this, we need specialists who are not yet in Ukraine, because we do not yet have such a sphere as agronomotoring with the help of drones.

Also, the expert notes that the drones market in Ukraine is large, but it has not yet been fully formed. The demand is still endless, there are a lot of work too. At the same time, there are no clear prices, they are not exhausted yet. The quality of the service is undefined, there is no work quality marker.


Source: Пропозиція

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