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In the Dnieper have created an agro-robot for field work
24 May 2017

A team of agronomists, engineers and architects in Dnipropetrovsk through joint efforts
Has developed the concept of an agro-robot capable of fully automating all field work. The concept is called AgroSmart L.

The complex will consist of a system of unmanned mini tractors and a set of mounted manipulators. The selection of the kits will be carried out individually, depending on the range of crops and conditions of farming.


Agro-robot does not require diesel fuel, because Work will be from solar panels and battery, so that it can function around the clock.
The device can be programmed for many years of operation. He will be able to drive himself to the field, and transport modules will bring seeds, fertilizers and containers, sending the already packed products to the warehouse.
The robot will be able to work constantly, and the process can be monitored online.

AgroSmart L will also receive mechanical manipulators for weed control, which will eliminate herbicides and many fertilizers.

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