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The production of a new combine harvester started in Kherson
05 May 2017

At the Kherson Machine-Building Plant, at last, the production of a new model of combine harvester Skif 280 Superior started.
The presentation of the Skif 280 Superior will take place at the International Exhibition AGRO-2017 in early June this year.
Technical characteristics of the new model:
- 6-cylinder engine Sisu Power in 276 hp With SCR technology;
- the width of the grain header is 6.3 m;
- Comfortable cabin Premium Plus with air conditioning;
- 6 four-stage straw shakers have an area of ​​6.30 square meters;
- In stock - 8-drum threshing drum with a diameter of 50 cm and a width of 1.34 m;
Declared by the manufacturer the cost of the new model is 3.9 million UAH. (About 135,000 euro). Foreign original model will be much more expensive.

On large-scale production at the KhMZ, it is not yet, but it is already known that the first batch will be 10 machines.

According to the management of the plant, they plan to produce at least 10 combine harvesters a month and in the next 5 years they intend to produce at least 500 models a year.

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