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McDonald's will buy more products from Ukrainian farmers
12 April 2017

The McDonald's network continues to expand. In this regard, it is planned to increase the share of Ukrainian products in production. To date, a supplier of products for the McDonald's network can be any farm, not to mention large suppliers. To do this, it is sufficient to have the relevant quality certificates, as well as to pass an independent audit.

According to Oleg Atanov, the supply manager for McDonald's in Ukraine, the main requirement for suppliers is readiness for long-term cooperation, as well as the adaptation of production to high requirements for the control of all the stages of production.
Ukrainian agricultural producers wishing to establish cooperation with McDonald's, can contact representatives of the network through the hotline. Further, the potential supplier will have to undergo an independent audit and provide the necessary quality certificates In accordance with the requirements of McDonald's.
As the representative of the network specified, in order to become a supplier of McDonald's in Ukraine, on average it will take about two years from the time of the first negotiations.

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