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Robots will work in the fields
23 April 2018


KUHN is launching the Challenge Centeol 2018 project, which involves the introduction of robotics in agriculture.
During the current season, the robots will work in the fields, or more precisely, they will carry out preseeding training, fertilize, sow, and weed the ground. Take soil samples, etc.

At the first stage of the project in France, real tests will be carried out on robots that will be used in the cultivation of corn. The project will be carried out in partnership with AgreenCulture, which specializes in robotics.

  "Centeol is a self-contained, GPS-controlled, robotic agricultural project. AgreenCulture robots are an ecological and economic alternative in crop production, "the company notes.

  AgreenCulture has its own RTK system, which provides accuracy up to a centimeter.

  Earlier, UBR.UA reported that today the KUHN group is represented in approximately 100 countries and employs more than 5,000 employees at 11 manufacturing sites and 11 distribution centers around the world.

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