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Named the Ukrainian ports-leaders in cargo transshipment in 2019
16 January 2020

In 2019, Ukrainian seaports increased cargo transshipment to a record 160 million tons, which is 18.4% more than last year. The largest contribution to the record transshipment was made by the Ukrainian agricultural sector.

This was reported by the AMPU press service.

Transshipment growth in 2019 was observed in all areas: export, import, transit, domestic transportation. Most of all, exports increased - by 22.2% to almost 121 million tons. Imports grew by 8.7% to 2.58 million tons. Transshipment of transit cargo increased by almost 8% compared to last year to 11 million tons.

The leaders in terms of cargo transshipment in 2019 were ports:

Pivdenny - 53.9 million tons (+ 26.1%);
Nikolaev - 33.4 million tons (+ 14.5%);
Chernomorsk - 26.2 million tons (+ 21.4%);
Odessa - 25.3 million tons (+ 16.8%).

In 2019, the seaports of Ukraine handled 11,850 vessels, which is 196 vessels or 1.7% more than last year.

“The seaports of Ukraine for the third year in a row show an increase in transshipment. This year, our 13 ports, excluding those that remained on the territory of Crimea, reached a record high in the entire history of their existence - 160 million tons. The maximum rates of transshipment of grain cargo and ore were recorded. Container shipments overcame a 10-year high of 1 million TEU. Three ports at once - Pivdenny, Nikolaev and Olbia
- reached the maximum transshipment volume since its inception. And finally, the AMPU for the second time was able to provide dredging in ports in the amount of more than 7 million m3, ”said the head of the Administration of the Seaports of Ukraine Raivis Veckagans.


According to the report, transshipment of grain cargo and oil amounted to 37.7% of the total cargo turnover. Grain shipping in the reporting period increased to 54.6 million tons, or 32% from the 2018 figure.

Recall that the seaports of Ukraine from the beginning of 2019 as of December 11 for the first time in ten years exceeded the freight turnover mark of 150 million tons.

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