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Ukraine threatens to reduce the yield of cereals
13 July 2017

According to the department of agrometeorology, the summer drought in some regions of Ukraine, in particular the Kiev, Poltava, Kirovograd and Cherkassk regions, can lead to a significant decrease in the yield of grain crops.

According to the head of the department of agrometeorology, the center of the Kiev region will suffer most from the drought this year, where a record small amount of precipitation fell over the past year. Since the spring of 2017, the early spike cultures, began to feel a lack of moisture in the soil. Now the drought affects late crops, such as corn and sunflower. If we talk about the Western regions of Ukraine, then at the moment there is no threat of drought.

According to forecasts of experts, compared with last year, the yield in Ukraine will decrease by 15-20% compared to 2016. According to one of the experts, the yield of peas has already decreased by 25%, and spring and winter wheat by 20%.


Proceeding from the data of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, by the middle of July the agrarians had already harvested about 32% of the harvest from the forecast.

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