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Agricultural business


One of our important areas of activity is joint processing and growing of cereal and oil-bearing crops in the territory of Ukraine and then their further sale to customers both in domestic and world markets.


Our company manages a pool of lands with total area of ​​more than 7000 hectares. Most of the lands (about 70%) are located in the central region of Ukraine. And the rest almost 30% are concentrated in the South of the country. These regions are most favorable for agriculture in terms of soil quality and required amount of precipitation. About 60% of cultivated areas are  occupied by cereal crops. The remaining territories are under oil-bearing crops.


Our farmsteads are focused on cultivation of corn, soya, wheat and sunflower. To maintain  balanced fertile soil composition, we carry out crop rotation in land plots. Along with increase of soil fertility duration, it permits to prevent reproduction of pests.


Our strategy is based on protracted soil productivity. We use a balanced amount of high-quality fertilizers and maintain reasonable crop rotation schedules. We also apply the latest and most effective methods of weeds and pests control. At harvest time, we use most advanced machinery, enabling us to significantly reduce yield losses during harvest campaign, which also has resulted in lowering costs of consumption of fuel and fertilizers during products growing.

Our divisions
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