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Warehousing/Terminal business


One of the main divisions of our company is the Warehouse / Terminal business. In July 2020, we completed the construction of two floor warehouses with a one-time storage volume of 30 thousand tons of various cargoes. This allows us to fully satisfy our needs for the storage of our own products, as well as additionally provide high-quality grain storage services to other agricultural producers.


Use of most advanced equipment from well-known manufacturers, technologies of further processing and storage enables us to accept grain of varying quality and humidity with further bringing it to export condition. This ensures export of cereal and oil-bearing crops at the level of world standards.


A large number of grain-collecting stations permits prompt unloading of products at any time. And availability of own certified laboratory and weighing complex considerably increases transport system efficiency of the system of granaries.


At present, we are at the implementation stage of the project for construction of a grain terminal with storage capacity of 138 thousand tons of various cargoes.

We have our own stevedore company, which performs forwarding and transshipment of all grain cargoes. We handle the handling of goods.

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