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Our company is a dynamically developing exporter of agricultural products and processed products to international markets.


To each of our customers we offer the fullest range of services, from analysis and receipt to storage, further processing and logistics of products. Over the years of our work in the agrarian  market, we have examined to full extent quality parameters and pricing components of each of the crops, used in our activity.


As based on comprehensive daily analysis of the grain market and international traders’ rates, we form most relevant purchasing prices for cereal and oil-bearing crops.


Thanks to availability of own developed infrastructure, we are able to form shipload lots from 3 to 28 thousand tons of various cargo types, both in one-type or combo-type version of vessel loading.


Our products:

- Grain and oilseeds

- Wheat

- Soya

- Barley

- Corn

- Processed products

- Suncake

- Sunflower oil


Supply of our products is carried out from the Black Sea ports predominantly to the countries of  European Union, North Africa, West Asia, India, China, etc.

Our divisions
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